OSCAR would like to showcase your photos!

In preparation for the release of the updated version of OSCAR,  we are looking for clear, illustrative photos for many of the topics on the site.

Today, we are looking for photos of STEEL ROOFS.

061028-253-Flat Seam TCSII-Basilica-CTR

Note: terne-coated stainless steel roofing photo shown here by John G. Waite Associates, Architects PLLC.

Specifically, we are seeking shots that are head-on, close-up detail “texture” shots such as thesethese, or this one of a terra cotta tile roof:


Note: terra cotta photo by SHKS Architects.

Other, related photos we are also seeking include:

  • missing steel roofing
  • damaged steel roofing (of any type of damage)
  • repaired steel roofing


  • stainless steel roofs
  • galvanized steel roofs
  • tin-zinc-coated steel roofs
  • terne-coated steel roofs


  • corrugated steel roofs
  • flat-seam steel roofs
  • standing seam steel roofs
  • batten seam steel roofs
  • other configurations of steel roofs

Please email your photo to: apt.tcsp@gmail.com. Please also include who is to be credited for the photo (that is, you or your office), and the photo location (city, state/province, country). If selected, your photo will appear in the new version of OSCAR.

Thank you!

OSCAR, the Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource, is an initiative of the APT Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation.