Hello there! This is OSCAR, your friendly online resource for sustainable preservation. We are so excited to launch, officially as OSCAR v. 1.0 this week in Kansas City! There are lots of ways you will be able to meet OSCAR at the APT conference this week:

  1. at our table at the entrance to the Exhibit Hall, tonight (Monday, November 2, 4-9pm)
  2. at our introductory Paper Session  (CS03, Tuesday, November 3, 9:45am)
  3. at the APT General Meeting (Tuesday, November 3, 11:30am)
  4. at the APT TC-SP Meeting (Tuesday, November 3, 4:45pm)
  5. at the Bricks and Bytes session (Wednesday, November 4, 1-4pm)
  6. at the AIA HRC Reception (Wednesday, November 4, 5pm)
  7. track down a member of the OSCAR team- we are all very happy to talk to you!
  8. log on to OSCAR for a test spin: oscar-apti.org (you may also find us directly from the APT homepage!)

  We look forward to meeting you!