• What is OSCAR?

    OSCAR is the Online Sustainable Conservation Assistance Resource.

    Developed by the Association for Preservation Technology’s Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation, OSCAR is a free interactive web application for design professionals engaged in the sustainable rehabilitation of historic buildings. OSCAR’s holistic building evaluation and design approach helps to maximize the health, energy efficiency, and conservation of built historic assets without compromising their heritage value.

    Historic buildings present difficult sustainability and resiliency upgrade challenges. Clients as well as current building codes now anticipate that historic buildings will meet new energy and material efficiency targets without exception. This initial version of OSCAR illustrates the tool’s usefulness to help resolve complex sustainability problems in balance with best-practice preservation technologies.

    For more information about OSCAR, please see our introduction to the tool, at the 2015 launch of OSCAR 1.0.

  • How does OSCAR work?

    Please review the introduction to OSCAR, as presented at the launch of version 1.0 at the 2015 APT Annual Conference, in Kansas City, MO.

    We are currently hard at work redesigning the OSCAR interface. Please check back soon for updates!

  • Why do I have to log in?

    We are building into OSCAR the capability to create a profile, set up multiple projects, and save your work. This will also allow for larger connectivity and power of the tool to come through, via steps 3-5 (Whole Building Ecology, Refinement, Report).

  • How do I log in?

    In order to use the full functionality of OSCAR, you must first log in. You may do so by creating your own account and logging in, or by logging in as a guest.

    To create an account:

    Click on the OSCAR tab. A login screen will appear.

    At the bottom, there is a link that allows you to register an account. This will include a confirmation email that is sent to your email account. Upon receipt of this email, you will have the ability to create a password.  Congratulations! You now have your very own OSCAR account!

    To log in to your account:

    Click on the OSCAR tab. Enter your login and password where prompted.

    To log in as a guest:

    Click on the OSCAR tab. Enter the following login and password where prompted:

    login: OSCAR

    password: OSCAR

  • I’m trying to register an account with OSCAR, but am not receiving the confirmation at my email address.

    There are a few things to check for.

    1. Confirm you typed your email address in correctly.
    2. Check your spam filter, trash filter, and/or quarantine.
    3. Check with your IT person to confirm that something else on your end is not tripping it up.
    4. Try using a different email address that would not have the same types of restrictions. (For example, we know that gmail works.)
    5. Contact us! Send us an email at: apt.tcsp@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  • Why are there so many blank pages on OSCAR?

    OSCAR is designed to be a robust resource, but it takes time to get there.

    Think about how Wikipedia works. The genius of the site is the simple framework that allows you to find the information you’re looking for. The success and usefulness of the site, however depends on the content that is added. The more information that is added, the more robust and helpful it is.

    Similarly, OSCAR is still in its infancy. The framework is in place, but the content on the site will continue to grow.

    So what can you do?

    1. Be patient. OSCAR is still learning and growing!
    2. Is there something in particular you are looking for? Let us know! We can prioritize our efforts.
    3. Help OSCAR get his education! There are a number of ways you can help. Do you know something about a topic that we are missing? Let us know! Do you want to learn something about a topic? Help us compile the information! In any case- contact us at info@oscar-apti.org.
  • What’s new? (OSCAR 2.0)

    OSCAR 2.0 is in process! The OSCAR team has been hard at work redesigning the OSCAR site! Take a sneak peek at our design in process:

    170223-DD Redesign-Full Report

    180320-75% CD Redesign-Full Report

  • Credits

    The development of OSCAR is the product of many knowledgeable hands. Many thanks go to all involved!

    APT: Association for Preservation Technology International

    TC•SP: Technical Committee on Sustainable Preservation

    OSCAR Working Group

    OSCAR Advisory Group

    Web Development

    Financial Contributions

    Content Contributions

    Image Contributions